XM42 Flamethrower

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  • XM42 Flamethrower
  • XM42 Flamethrower
  • XM42 Flamethrower
  • XM42 Flamethrower
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Revived from its first prototype in 2008, a spectacular product that’s been undergoing continuous improvement since its inception. The XM42 is the world’s first fully handheld flamethrower on the market.

Blast stunning visuals of fire over 25 feet!

Use for weed control, clearing snow, starting your bonfire or just for fun!

Precision crafted and manufactured in the USA.

No heavy pressurized tanks to worry about. Just fill it up like a lawnmower, ignite the pilot torch, and reach out with a powerful stream of fire!

The XM42's innovative system is revolutionizing flamethrower functionality as we know it.


Weight: 7.4 lb (empty) / 10.4 lb (ready to run)

Overall Dimensions: 29.5" L x 10" W x 14.25" H

Materials: All aluminum/stainless steel construction with fluoroelastomer seals

Fuel Capacity: 1.5 liters

Approved/Recommended Fuel: Gasoline (unleaded), gasoline-diesel mixture, denatured alcohol

Pilot Ignition: Push button piezo start

Pilot Torch Fuel: Butane (not included, see "Required Accessories" tab)

Battery: 12.6 volt (3S) lithium-polymer 2200mAh with XT60 connector (included)

What's in the box:

XM42 flamethrower

12.6 volt (3S) lithium-polymer 2200mAh battery (installed)

Quick voltage tester

Balance charger (100-240V AC, US plug)

Practical Uses:

Clearing snow/ice
Eliminating weeds between pavement cracks

Controlled burns/ground-clearing of foliage/agricultural
Insect control

Pyrotechnic event displays

Bonfire starting

A fun device to enjoy with friends

Required Accessories:

Pilot Torch Fuel: A butane fuel canister feeds the pilot torch. Not included but  Available everywhere, outdoor/sporting goods stores, and online retailers such as Amazon. The kitchen style butane canisters are also available at most restaurant supply stores.


California users please read California Health and Safety Codes 12750, 12751, 12760 and 12761.

“Any person who uses or possesses any flamethrowing device
without a valid flamethrowing device permit issued pursuant to this
part is guilty of a public offense…”


Sorry, no shipping to Maryland. Maryland’s fire code prohibits flamethrower ownership

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