We're going to offer the S333 in many different calibers, but it will initially be a .25 caliber. 

 The S333 gets its name from the rule of 3. 

3 Seconds, 3 Feet/Yards (depending on which agency you want to use), and 3 shots is where you will need personal protection.

 The S333 has 6 barrels, and fires two barrels simultaneously. We have trademarked the names Volley Fire and S-333.

 It's a top break gun, and doesn't have a moving slide, or a bulky revolving cylinder.

It works like a double action and has a long throw.

So when you pull the trigger you are actually pulling the hammer back and then dropping it.

It needs to be done very purposely; therefore there is no chance of accidental discharge, and no need for a safety.

 In a stressful situation you could easily fumble or forget about the safety.

Also since there aren't any external moving parts it can easily be fired through your pocket, or satchel. 

 With 2 bullets, it's extremely powerful and devastating

Although, not initially available in 25 caliber, you can have one side with shot, and one side with a bullet for even more versatility for protection. 

 It's really not a novelty, but a self defense handgun that really makes sense because of the simplicity, firepower, and safety. 

  • S-333 Volleyfire S-333 Volleyfire

    S-333 Volleyfire

    This item is not currently available for purchase.  Please keep checking back for a release date.