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DP-12 Forward Tactical Grip with Laser & Flashlight


Product Description

Forward Tactical Grip with Red Laser and 250 Lumen Flashlight. This forward grip gives you the advantage of not having to run wires or install additional switches when installing a Laser and Flashlight easily installed where the current grip is mounted.  All you need is an Allen wrench for this installation. 2 CR123A type batteries included.

Product Reviews

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  1. Don't Buy 1 Star Review

    Posted by on 25th Sep 2016

    I've purchased a lot of aftermarket accessories for a lot of different weapons - I'd say this is one of the worst. Expected more from this company, considering how awesome the DP12 is. Here are the issues: 1) Feels cheap - plastic clamshell design feels like something you would expect with a $30 Chinese product you took a gamble on ebay. 2) laser adjustment didn't work, right out of the box. 2 Allen screws are used for adjustment and failed upon initial adjustment. Laser is permanently off-center now. 3) flashlight is partially obstructed (not much, maybe 10%) due to mounting position and the flashlight is not bright at all.

    Sorry Standard, you guys missed the mark on these.

  2. Not Worth the money 1 Star Review

    Posted by on 5th Jul 2016

    The handle starts to fall apart I have only shot the gun 2-3 times since putting the laser grip on and the grip is loose and has some cheap snap clips and falling apart. Not a good buy for long use had to take it off and put the factory grip back on so nobody get hurt. Was a waste of money and time.

  3. Good tactical grip with some flaws 3 Star Review

    Posted by on 5th Jun 2016

    I would like to see the grip more sturdy and would like for there to be screws to pull the grips clamshell halves together more securely. I also found the butt plate of the tactical grip not secured and easily slides off, failing to positively hold the grip closed (batteries inside). I hope Standard will remedy this with a proper detent spring, which the grip appears to already designed to accommodate, but was not included. Desiring to use the grip and not return it, I developed a fix to secure the butt plate, demonstrated below:


  4. Good idea, implementation not up to quality of DP12 3 Star Review

    Posted by on 3rd Jun 2016

    I love the idea of no wires for a combat light/laser. The light is reasonably bright but the handle is a clamshell design with the handle halves hinged at the top to allow the handle to be opened to service the batteries. The clamshell is secured closed by a grooved, slide-on butt plate. The butt plate is not locked into position and slides fairly easily and could slide off if rubbed against an object, dumping the batteries. It appears the design intended to accomodate a barrel-spring plunger to retain the plate, but none is present. The clamshell handle halves do not mate perfectly and are somewhat "swollen" in the middle with a visible gap between halves. The button for the light is fine for activating by squeezing your hand, but even with very large hands the laser button is difficult to depress without shifting your grip given the girth if the handle and the position of the laser's activation button.

    This feels more like a Lepers or UTG accessory and not something you would expect from Standard Mfg.

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