DP-12 Flip-Up Front & Rear Iron Sights


Designed to mount on either the top or sides of the main rail of the DP-12 shotgun.

Kit Contains:

Front sight

Features a micometer type knob which enables windage adjustment of the aperture.

Sights are machined of solid aluminum

Feature a spring loaded mechanism which allows the sights to be folded

Other Details
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Written by Jerry K. on 13th Nov 2017

Great sights for the $!

I paid more than TWICE the price for the Magpuls I bought for my AR. As another happy customer commented, these sights are MORE than ample for the range needed. I love my DP-12 as well! FUN gun to shoot!

Written by The Door Doctor on 14th Jun 2016

Very nice, fantastic quality, a must have...

Pleasantly surprised at the level of quality. No modifications necessary, went on smooth and easy. Quick target acquisition, look mean, plus they've got DP-12 stamped on so they really look factory equipped. If you're ordering a DP-12, make sure these are included in that order. A must have for every DP-12 owner.

Written by Marine 1 on 9th May 2016

Great sights

Was very happy with these sights !! Look great !! And best of all u can sight on target deadly quick !!!

Written by undefined on 9th Mar 2016

excellent sights!

I ordered these not long after purchasing my DP-12. I was expecting low quality because of the price but wasnt that concerned because they are for a home defense shotgun and figured sights arent really necessary for the intended range i will be using it. These sights are 1st class products and i highly recommend them if you are wanting to put sights on yours.