DP-12 California Compliant Plugs




Plunger installation

Standard Manufacturing Co. has developed this California complaint kit in anticipation of upcoming changes in California laws.

Two plungers are included in this kit which is designed to follow behind the existing two plungers in your DP-12 tubular magazines.

These California compliant plungers will change the capacity of each magazine to a maximum 5 shells of 12 gauge 2 ¾” shotgun shells. 

Once the installation is completed your DP-12 will have a maximum capacity of 12 rounds; five shells in each of the two magazines and one shell in each of the two chambers of your shotgun. 

We have also produced an installation video of the installation. 

Standard Manufacturing Co. is dedicated to proactively supporting all of our customers and we are very sorry for the unforeseen changes in your state laws.

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