Customer Testimonials

Steve B. Wrote:

Wow, should have waited, ordered standard DP 12 on 06/02 and received on 06/06/17.
Looks great, it better be better than KSG, SRM, or UTS!!! "

Nick Rozier wrote:
"Let me start by saying, just how pleased I was with Connecticut Shotgun and their customer service team. After finding, what can only be termed a 'glitch' on their website, they honored a pricing mixup on the DP-12, with little or no resistance,  that some customers might expect in today's world. They were very quick, in responding to my Facebook inquiry, and quickly sought to assist me with my purchase, and to correct the issue.  
The DP-12's first impression right from the box is outstanding. The fit and finish is second to none when compared to other tactical shotguns of this nature. As part of my package, they included a large number of accessories, that were easily installed by myself, without issue and really helped to dress the firearm up a bit and improve its functionality and shooting ability. 
Having only owned the DP-12 for a few days, I've been unable to really stretch the legs of the shotgun, having ran but just a few boxes of 12 guage shells through it. That said, it's a fun gun to shoot, lays down an incredible amount of lead, and shows no visible signs of ever stopping that narrative.
Long story short...the DP-12 is an incredible piece of engineering and I'm excited and proud to have it as part of my collection. I look forward to putting more lead down range and adding several other Connecticut Shotguns to my collection! "


Nick Rozier wrote:
"Just picked up my DP-12 from my FFL. It's a fine looking piece of art!"


Brandon Rexroad wrote:
"This is the best shotgun that I've had in my hands my whole life and I'm 37 years young! First of all the
quality that you feel when pick it up is unreal. I have owned Benelli, Remington and others and nothing
compares, granted this is not your typical hunting shotgun.If you are looking for a great home defense
gun or something reliable to take out and have some fun, this is the gun for you. Money well spent!!
Great job Standard Manufacturing!!!"
Dan Evans wrote:
"Recently bought a DP-12. Thing is an absolute beast! I also bought the tactical choke tubes. When I got
home I found out the threads were messed up on one of the chokes. I called upand spoke with a lady who
was extremely helpful. She advised me to send in the one I hadand they would send a replacement. Got the
package today and it had 2 new tubes along with a calendar and catalog. Great product and customer service at it's finest!"
Jason Boggs wrote:
"I got my DP-12 about 4 months ago. Have put about 250 rounds through it and I gotta say, "Well F--king done Guys!!"
This gun is amazing. Smooth cycling, great trigger pull and whatan eye catcher. Best tactical shotgun I've ever owned."

Samuel Bagley wrote:
"The build quality is very good, the gun does everything they say it does. Ordered the breacher choke tubes and had
them within a few days no issues. Some of the screws for the forend were so tight they stripped when I I was taking
them off to add MOE mounts.I emailed them and they are sending me new ones no problem. All my attachments fit
perfectly and the weight is excellent with perfect balance. It stays by my bedside, again the size makes it perfect for
your home defense. If they could one thing extra, make the pistol grip have a storage for spare batteries, or choke tool.
Bottom line, an outstanding weapon."

S. Siress wrote:
"By the way, love the DP12. Was going to buy the KSG till I found the DP."

S. Sadowski wrote:

"We had spoken a week or so ago about the DP12 works #1 package. I had purchased the DP12 earlier in week and finally
had a chance to visit the rifle range on Saturday. After dispensing over 100 rounds my bad shoulder feels no pain at all. I
had fired numerous rounds of buck shot, slugs, birdshot etc. I may add that I had swapped firearms with another shooter
that had a Keltec. Although the Keltec was lighter in weight I wouldn't trade my DP12 for the world! 
The DP12 preformed flawlessly with out a hitch. I actually had other shooters come up to me gawking at the shotgun and taking
pictures and videos of the shotgun. As well as I had several shooters test fire the shotgun in which all were highly impressed! 

The shotgun definitely needs sighting as I had bought the gun stock. I will call you next week to place my order on the
options 1 package. 

S. Sadowski"

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Testimonial from Greg G.
"Hi, got my last order from u , and again you made me smile !! I gave your company great ratings on products i got from u .
If i can do any thing else to help u let me know ! When i go to the range i will tell all about my DP-12 and how awesome it is !! Greg"

Testimonial from H. Toy, SVP

purchased your DP-12 and ran around 240 rounds from 7.5 to Xtreme slugs and 00.
what a PHENOMENAL piece of machinery and art work!
just wanted to thank you for faultless performance and incredible construction
I have MANY tactical variants of SG's and this is the ONE to have"

Testimonial from S. Dancer

Thank you so much for fulfilling my order. I took my DP-12 to the range this past Saturday and shot it for the first time. What an incredible shotgun. Everyone that was at the range had to come over to me and see what I was shooting. Everyone was excited about the weapon and wanted to know where I purchased it.
Needless to say it was an exciting afternoon for myself and everyone. I directed everyone to your site. I hope you are able to sell many this year. The DP-12 is the perfect home defense weapon. I am completely sold on your shotgun.


New Article in the March Edition of the NRA Shooting Illustrated Magazine:





C. Maybury Said:

"Nothing stops somebody faster in their tracks than the racking of a pump shotgun, it's a universal sound, nothing makes a louder rack than the DP-12 because there's 2 bolts and 2 shells - That gets your point across Very Quickly!"

----------------------------------------------------------------------------- just published a head to head comparison of the DP-12 and Kel Tec KSG

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Check out this Link.  The Washington Times has named the DP-12 9th in the 13 hottest firearms of 2015…/col…/13-best-firearms-2015/ 


TommygunNG Said - "I always ridiculed Joe Biden for suggesting a double-barrel for home defense. Maybe I was wrong, and this is what he had in mind."




S.R. says:

"Hot damn, shooting the DP-12 is better than a wet dream J? Shot it yesterday with 2 ?” 00Buck and rifled slugs.?? First shot with a slug was dead center and the reproducibility of the aim of the DP-12 is phenomenal.? Folks were lining up to try it!? The trigger and pump are smooth and loading is easy, once I followed the directions, although those levers that hold the shells in the magazine tube are sharp.?Even the holographic sight was right on – must be karma!? Beautifully made and a blast to shoot!"


Marshall Chris S says:
"There is no rifle or shotgun that I know of on the market that can breech door faster and clear out a room faster than the DP-12. Just the sight of this gun will stop anyone in their tracks. I have 11,000, plus, rounds through my DP-12 and it is flawless. I love it! Wouldn't trade it for anything!"


James N says:
"It would appear the local SWAT Team has had a chance to evaluate the DP-12 and they are going to order 5 or 6 for "Breaching". Further, the Crime Lab Director has stated the trigger mechanism is the finest he has ever tested or used."


Pedro R says:
"I Own two Kel.tek but am extremely Impressed with DP 12! Thinking about getting a 2nd one Awesome!"


Richard K says:
"There is no other gun that is more threatening, not just with sheer fire power but also the way it looks."


Eric Yoder Writes  "I'm a small FFL (gun dealer) in Maine. Purchased the DP12 for myself. It is nothing short of AWESOME!
You can go to any local dealer to have them order you one. The company is very easy to set up with, very responsive, virtually no turn around time. So, quality product, quality customer service."


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"Every time I take the DP-12 out for a spin, I become more impressed with it.  You folks “nailed it” on this gun!"


DP-12 Review:

It’s sometimes hard to sort through the clutter of Sales Hype and Sales Sizzle and determine the value of the products!

Here’s one that I just bought, and I’m sure you’ll be testing in the near future.  It truly has lived up to the hype.  I have shot every kind of 2 3/4 and 3 inch, 12 gauge shotgun shells that I have been able to lay my hands on, and not one single time have I had a failure to feed, fire or eject, no matter how quickly I attempt to empty the twin magazines (the magazines hold 7 shells each!).  I now have the Max Spread Chokes (standard issue with the DP-12), the Door Breachers, skeet, full, and extra full chokes, and have not had any problems with any of them.  Besides being the last home defense/self defense shotgun I’ll ever need to buy, I’m taking this bad boy hog hunting with me, as soon as the temperatures drop down below 100 degrees!

The only downsides to the DP-12 are that 1) it carries the rather hefty price tag of $1395.00, and, 2) as of right now, you can only purchase them through CheaperThanDirt or directly from the factory.

It’s truly a great piece of hand-held artillery, and I am looking forward to seeing if your reviewers like this beast as much as I do!

Mike Innis

Mason, TX

PS: I’m not, in any way, shape or form, associated with Standard Manufacturing Co, LLC or the parent company.


"Shot my DP-12 with 3" Magnums today, it doesn't kick and virtually no recoil, especially compared to the over & under I shot right after. Shot the DP-12 with 3" Magnum, Can't Believe It!"

Paul C.


"I purchased and received one of the DP 12 and have to say it is one wonderfully wicked firearm."

The Armourers Closet

Southlake, TX


Click on this link to see review by Kristin Alberts!





Took the DP-12 out to the range for its first extensive test.  It passed with flying colors, by the way!

The attached pics show all the varieties of ammo we put through the shotgun this morning, and the pile of empty hulls after the shooting session was over.  That’s my son, John, holding the 12.



"During my tour in Vietnam as a Close Air Support fighter pilot, I could have used the

DP-12 more effectively, in my A-37 jet fighter, than the 7.62."

Wayne Moorehead


"I purchased the DP-12 from Marc-On Shooting School in Eau Claire, WI last Sunday and It's an amazing gun!!!

The craftsmanship is outstanding....."

Scott K.



"The gun is so well built and so carefully thought out that I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it doesn’t attract a lot of attention by LEO’s across the country.  I’m taking mine up to Abilene this weekend to show the Abilene Police Department’s armorer, who happens to be a friend of mine.  He’s pretty excited at everything he’s read and all I’ve told him about it so far.  Yesterday my son and I took turns tossing plastic bottles full of water and taking them in the air.  Neither of us missed a one!  And he, my son, was an armorer for the US Army for 8 years, and he’s very impressed with the construction and design of the shotgun."

You all done good!



Testimonial from Wayne Moorehead, July 19, 2015:

"Received my DP-12 a week ago. Shot "hand thrown clays". The DP-12 is the perfect home defense weapon. It is the only gun you need in the home. Load the right tube with #6 shot & the left tube with double 00 bock. You can dispatch the equivalent of an Army Platoon without having to reload. No sights needed. Recoil???..It is a 12 gauge. Best engineering that I have seen."


 "An absolute MUST for Wolfenstein fans - DP-12 double barrel pump shotgun. Just got one in to play with and do a video - well made. Looking forward to shooting it" - Larry Vickers


Review from Website:

"While the DP-12 seems complicated at first glance it may well be the most well-built and reliable shotgun on the market".


I first saw this at the Tulsa Arms Show in 2014 and when it became available, I jumped. I am very pleased with the workmanship. I have shot 2-3/4" shells through it and had no problems. Thanks for a awesome shotgun. - James 5/24/15


This thing is unbelievable! Looks wicked and shoots as smooth as any 12 gauge I have ever shot. Worth EVER penny it costs. Extremely well engineered weapon. The ultimate in home defense but be prepared to waste a lot of shells just shooting it! Just too much fun! One caution, be aware, the tactical chokes do NOT come with it and will set you back another $100. Well worth the money though! - GB 5/5/15


This thing is wicked cool. It is intimidating to look at and would scare the beejeeses out of anyone staring down its barrel. Very well made and very well balanced. - GB 4/25/15


This thing is a beast. Seems very solid in the workmanship. Haven't shot it yet(this is eating me up)but I really like how balanced it is. When you hold the pistolgrip where the trigger is, it is perfectly balanced. Dying to see if I can shoot one handed. That is after I shoot it normally to check recoil. It sure put a smile on my face when I first grabbed it. - Todd 4/21/15


My FFL dealer looked at me and said "now there's a happy man" as he looked at me smiling from ear to ear as I took it out of the box. Looks fantastic. Very well built. Solid. Well balanced. Actually shot clays with it today. No sights on the gun so I used the rail and after 6 shots I was hitting more clays than my friend shooting his fancy Franchi over/under. It's just fun to shoot. Has a lot less recoil than I was expecting. It's just ridiculously fun being able to unload 16 rounds in as many seconds. I went through a case of shells my first time out, 250 rounds, without a single issue. Looked into the KSG but chose the DP-12 after reading a lot of reviews and knowing the history of CSMC dba SM. It's worth every penny. The only bad thing I read about the DP-12 was that it was soley offered at CTD. Apparently some people have an issue with that. I do not. My experience with CTD has been great prices, great service and fast shipping. - Dsyntx 4/26/15


Blue Book of Gun Values Review:

Standard Mfg. Co. LLC DP-12

Merging the best attributes of both a pump and double barrel shotgun, the innovative new DP-12 challenges the conventional action of both pumps and doubles. One slide of the action allows for two trigger pulls, unlike its competition, the UTS-15 and KSG, which require a slide of the action after each trigger pull.

We liked not only this gun’s innovative action, but also its quality. Plus, it’s made by a well-known manufacturer of premium double barrels shotguns. This new Standard Mfg. Co. LLC DP-12 is quite a departure from what they’re known for, and we’re excited to see this model hit the market.