Review from Website:

"While the DP-12 seems complicated at first glance it may well be the most well-built and reliable shotgun on the market".



The Blue Book of Gun Values Review:

Standard Mfg. Co. LLC DP-12

Merging the best attributes of both a pump and double barrel shotgun, the innovative new DP-12 challenges the conventional action of both pumps and doubles. One slide of the action allows for two trigger pulls, unlike its competition, the UTS-15 and KSG, which require a slide of the action after each trigger pull.

We liked not only this gun's innovative action, but also its quality. Plus, it's made by a well-known manufacturer of premium double barrels shotguns. This new Standard Mfg. Co. LLC DP-12 is quite a departure from what they're known for, and we're excited to see this model hit the market.


What's New

* Watch for the DP-12 being featured on upcoming movies and TV shows.

* We are adding many new DP-12 accessories

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